“Loved that Capstone took us to Airhop, my foster child and biological child had a blast. They met other foster children and started forming friends. Perfect activity for a Summer holiday.

Wild Place was great too. We got to see lots of animals and more importantly I was able to get to know other carers from across my region collectively sharing and learning from our fostering experiences so far. The kids had a great time together and because they had met before at other Capstone activities during the Summer they were comfortable with each other from the start.

Lots of walking equalled tired kids… best kind of day!” Jemma, South West carer

With no school and a break in routine the Summer holidays can be a challenging time! So our South West team organised a number of days trips that not only kept the children occupied but allowed our carers to unwind, get to know each other and build their regional networks.

Together we visited four attractions across the South West to include AirHop, Wild Place, Noah’s Ark Farm Park and Uphill Beach and with a number of foster families attending more than one event throughout the Summer, fun was definitely had by all!

On Tuesday, 30th July the Capstone South West team hosted a family day out for our carers at Noah’s Ark Farm Park to say “thank you” for helping us build brighter futures in Bristol and Somerset.

Although the sun didn’t’ shine and rain clouds visited throughout the day, it didn’t’ dampen the mood and animal fun was had by all. Even the resident meerkats came out to show their support for fostering!

Jemma, one of our newest carers, commented on her first outing as a foster carer with the Capstone crew…

“Thank you so much for today! It was lovely catching up with the team. The day was amazing, the kids loved it and we even stayed till kicking out time. Also, the event was a great opportunity for me to make friends with other carers from across the region”

Here at Capstone, we understand the hard work and dedication our carers put in day in, day out and that’s why we like to recognise them with little rewards like this for the whole family. Like Jemma said, it’s also a great opportunity for our carers and children to socialise with others and share their experiences.

Foster child ‘T’ talks about her time with St John’s Ambulance Cadets for Child Safety Week. 

Martin and Julie my foster carers encouraged me to join St Johns Ambulance Cadets after trying various sporty activities which isn’t really me 🙂

Although at first I was really, really nervous and didn’t think I would enjoy it I did.

It is a small group and I was allowed to do as much as I felt confident with. My instructor is nice and friendly and very patient. The uniform is green and froglike but ok.

I have passed my Life Skills Level 1 and working towards my level 2. We get go to events as support such carnivals, rugby matches and shows.

I have learnt basic life skills and what to do in an emergency, how to do resuscitation and more, which is important for everyone to know!

Before I came into foster care I felt unable to do anything about my life but this has given me confidence and power and will help me in the future.

T 🙂

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