Fostering families, children and staff at Capstone North recently got together for their annual outing to the Light Water Valley Theme Park. Families  and staff enjoyed the rides and the group picnic.  The Young People socialised well and went off independently to do rides, but also enjoyed going on with carers and workers too.














Debbie one of our Social Workers said ‘The kids loved making me go on the big scary ride, the ultimate – I only did it once and screamed the entire time! My favourite part of the day was the pirate ship – everyone was really brave’
















Phil one of our Foster Carers commented that ‘It was great that the newer foster families attended as the day had been a chance to meet them all’

















One our young people D – wasn’t well enough to go on the rides, but is really looking forward to going on everything next year











Another one of our young people J – did not enjoy days out with her former Independent Fostering Agency but enjoys our Light water Valley and Panto trips – because they feel like family days, not fostering days out.  She also said her new foster family is her best ever placement.

In 2016, A was fostered by a Capstone Foster Carer after experiencing a difficult time. She was attending college full time but unfortunately was falling behind in certain subjects. A had a real keen interest in working with children and had secured a place at college in Health and Social Care. Unfortunately, Maths, like many of us was a real struggle for her so after falling behind her classmates she decided to do something about it.

At Capstone North we have a fantastic teacher support network and Gavin Hogg, one of our experienced teachers, set aside time for one to one sessions with A. They worked together for twice a week doing intensive 2 hour sessions. A’s confidence and attainment began to grow and in the last session she achieved a score of 81% on a past paper. This was an amazing achievement and showed how hard she had worked to improve. She is hoping to resit her Maths exam soon.
A’s passion for working with children has remained constant and with the help of her Foster Carer she secured a placement volunteering with her Local Nursery. Feedback from the placement was superb and it was clear A was made for this line of work.
A then had to decide whether she would carry on with her college course or seek a work based apprenticeship with children after thriving so well in her volunteering role.

With the continuing support from her Foster Carer guiding her through application forms and interviews processes, she secured a full time apprenticeship with a nursery. We are extremely proud of her progress and wish her all the best in building a brighter future!