Over the summer, our support workers from the Heywood office took six children to Apple Jack’s Adventure Farm near Warrington, Cheshire, which is a fantastic, fun family day out. The children’s activities available are mainly aimed at 4-12 year olds, although there’s lots of fun to be found for the whole family.

The children who attended the trip were aged 7-11. Some of the children already knew each other and two of the children were new to the group and were very welcome. The children were very excited about the day out and all came prepared with their lunch and dressed for the weather as, sadly it was raining! We reminded the children about staying with adults for the day and informing us at all times of their whereabouts.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a staff member who gave us a map and explained the route around the Farm and told us when and where the events were on, which was great! The children bonded and made friends very quickly and they stayed together and helped each other on the big apparatus. They tried all the activities including: Jacks Ball Blast, Zip Wires, Roller skating, the Maize Maze, massive Jumping Pillows, Quad Karts, Farm Fun Hose, Haunted House, Archery and even the indoor inflatable Play Area.

At 12.30pm, after we had our picnic we went to watch the Children’s Entertainment Show. The children got up dancing and enjoyed joining in with the party games. They all got very muddy and wet but the rainy weather did not dampen anyone’s enjoyment or fun!

The children benefitted from improving their social skills, they gained emotional confidence, used their imagination and creativity and worked well as a team together and they even learnt new skills such as roller skating and archery.

It was fantastic to see everyone of them have a go at all the activities and join in together. They laughed and smiled throughout the whole day!


To celebrate World Friendship Day on the 30th July 2019 our Heywood team planned a friendship day out to Crocky Trail in Waverton, Chester. On the day eight children attended who were aged from eight to eleven. The aim of the day was to try and promote friendships between the children in aid of World Friendship Day. here at our Heywood office, we already have an established youth group for over twelves, however the younger children within Capstone North are yet to form the same friendship bonds.

Crocky Trail is an adventure/ physical activity set in the countryside comprising of giants slides and a walk/trail in which there are obstacles such as rope bridges and swings to complete along the way. Three members of the team attended and transported the children in their cars to the Crocky Trail. This gave the children time to get to know each other throughout the car journey there and back

Everyone met at the office at 9am on the 31st July at the Heywood office. The children were excited about the day out and all came prepared with their lunch and their wellies as Crocky Trail was meant to involve lots of muddy activities! When the children arrived at the Crocky Trail, the staff paired them up so that they could go and explore alone but still within careful watch. The children were allowed to explore but with certain boundaries which they all adhered to. All the children enjoyed going on the slides and some even enjoyed the haunted house, although others found it a little frightening but it was nice to see the children encouraging each other along and willing to have a go and try new things. They all got very muddy which added to the fun.

The group socialised well together during the outing and there were no issues. They were kind to each other, polite, bonded well as a group and friendships where formed between themselves. Overall the day went really well and was enjoyed by all. The children learnt new skills throughout such as balancing across moving bridges and walking through mazes. We are excited to plan further activities with the children to make sure the bonds of friendship formed flourish even further

Our Anchor Youth Group recently met for a movie night to watch the film Wonder Park. We thought we’d take the opportunity to allow our children to nominate and elect two children ambassadors.

The ambassador will be expected to:

  • Be a spokesperson / voice for children in Capstone;
  • Help to shape our service and improve what the services we offer our children and;
  • Feedback ideas Capstone managers and tell us what we do we and what we can improve.

We gave the children a list of the qualities we would be looking for in our ambassadors:

  • Someone who cares about others, and how they are feeling
  • Someone who is a good listener, and always tries to take other’s thoughts and feelings into account
  • Someone who feels that they can be somebody to talk to
  • Someone who is confident, and feels that they can be a voice for children in care
  • Someone who values the individual wishes and rights of children

The children then made their nominations and we finally appointed E and K as Capstone’s Children Ambassadors after answering some very challenging questions.

The Anchor Group is an established group as part of North for children over 11 years old. The group meet regularly and take part in fun learning activities.

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