This month at Capstone Foster Care we have been celebrating sons and daughters month to celebrate the significant contribution of children of foster carers in the fostering role. Our carers are thankful for the support they receive from sons and daughters who have been there from day one when the fostering journey began. Just like our foster carers, are there for our foster children so are their own birth children. They are unperturbed by the unsettling and unpredictable nature of foster care.

Our foster carers birth children find room in their home and in their hearts, for the children when they arrive and also feel a deep sense of loss, like our foster carers do, when the children move on. It is not always easy for them to share their space, possessions and attention but when asked how they feel about fostering they praise the role their parents play and positively speak about how being part of a fostering family impacts on them and has helped them to understand others better.

Foster children seek reassurance and praise from birth children in the home, birth children are the growing band of people they can trust and count on. Foster children observe how birth children act within the home, responsibilities they hold, how they hold down a responsible job and education. Our foster children ask curious questions about birth children which help them gain essential life skills. Fostering impacts on the whole family and everyone in the household needs to be committed. Sons and daughters are involved in the decision to foster and part of the assessment process. There is always training available for sons and daughters of foster carers as well as their own support groups

We want to take the opportunity to thank all our sons and daughters of foster families for helping and contributing towards being part of the Capstone Family. You are fantastic in what you do!!


Our Barnsley hub also held their annual Halloween party for all our carers and young people. We had a fantastic turn out on the day and all the children loved the craft activities that we had put on and came dressed up in an array of costumes! We had witches, werewolves, skeletons and even a Frankenstein!

The activities we had planned for the included:

  • Carve your own pumpkin
  • Face painting
  • Halloween inspired photo booth made by staff
  • Decorating cupcakes and buns
  • Pin the smile on the skeleton
  • Apple Bobbing
  • Spooky arts and crafts

All the children got involved with every activity and they loved decorating the buns, especially when they got to take a few home afterwards! Our Halloween parties are always a real hit with all the children and carers every year and we really look forward to it! It’s great to see everyone come together and enjoy each other’s company and build relationships. 


Our children and young people can experience stress and anxiety just like adults can. However, they tend to show it in different ways. Yoga is an excellent way of releasing stress and anxiety and it is something that the whole family can take part in.

That’s why we recently held a yoga and relaxation group at our Barnsley hub for our children and young people to promote National Stress Awareness Day on 6th November. The idea behind the group was to show children techniques to manage their stress and anxiety. Four young people, and one of our foster carers attend with three members of staff. A qualified yoga instructor with a wealth of experience led the session working with the young people directly. We provided yoga mats for each young person participating, as well as some light refreshments. 

The session started with some relaxation techniques before moving on to some basic yoga poses. The young people settled into the session quite quickly and listened well to the instructor. As the session progressed and the poses became more complicated and difficult to master but they all had lots of fun and laughter and everyone was keen to stay on task. Towards the end of the session, the instructor encouraged the group to get into pairs and do some balance exercises, which the young people appeared to really enjoy, and were given lots of praise for their concentration and efforts. The instructor ended the session with some relaxation and thanked everyone for attending.

Despite the small number of young people attending (due to after school activities) overall, it was a success, as all the young people expressed that they had enjoyed the session and agreed that they would come again if we ran another group. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that we will run the group again later this year, next time and we look forward to welcoming even more carers and children.

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