Capstone South East’s Multi-Cultural Lunch for Black History Month!

To celebrate Black History Month 2019, the Capstone South East team hosted a ‘Multi-cultural Lunch’ on Wednesday 16th October 2019. It was a great opportunity for our region to recognise and appreciate our diverse team. We have staff from the African, Caribbean and Asian subcontinents, as well as Europe and the UK, and what better way to celebrate this than to bring in food from our country of origin!

We had chicken biriyani, vegetable pilau rice, samosas, chicken kebabs, naan bread and “gulab jamun” (Indian dough balls in syrup), stuffed vine leaves from Turkey, mini Yorkshire puddings with sausages and gravy, a ploughman’s platter, scones and apple pies from England, creamy spinach with peanut butter, spicy sausages and spicy Jollof rice and plantain from Africa and even Welsh cakes from Wales!

Black History Month is all about celebrating achievements – we certainly proved that with our diverse culinary skills!

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