Hello, my name is Demi. I love music, movies, going out with friends
and travelling. A typical teenager really who has completed school and
looking forward to the next stage in my life. I am hoping to complete my
A levels then pursue a career in marketing.
I have been part of a fostering family from the age of 10. This life
experience has changed the way I see things, the way I view the world
and the way I deal with problems in my life. It has enabled me to put
things into perspective, not allowing the little things to get me down.

by Demi from Capstone Foster Care Midlands

What is Foster Care

by Demi from Capstone Foster Care Midlands

How Much Do Foster Carers Get Paid

Child of a foster family talks about Frozen and some of the messages that are included in the film, and how these messages relate to fostering and supporting children to succeed.

Frozen - the messages that relate to fostering

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