Hi I’m Demi, and fostering has given me experiences that I would not have had if we hadn’t decided to become a fostering family. I know first hand that birth children can benefit from the process too, and sometimes just as much as the children in the care system do.

I’m always ready to share my views and if anyone would like a birth child’s perspective on any subject relating to fostering please let me know in the comments and I will try to cover the subject in future vlogs for Capstone! Some of my other vlogs can be found here: http://capstonefostercare.co.uk/blog//blog-category/a-birth-child/ 

Demi x

Benefits of Fostering for Birth Children

This months blog talks about my recent trip to Malawi in Africa. When I decided to embark on this expedition I had no idea what an impact the local people would have on how I view material things and the importance of time over money.

Demi's Trip to Malawi

Demi reflects on how it felt to wait for the results that affected her entire future. She thinks about how children in care must feel when they are not in control of their future..

Demi's GCSE results

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