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To celebrate Black History Month 2019, the Capstone South East team hosted a ‘Multi-cultural Lunch’ on Wednesday 16th October 2019. It was a great opportunity for our region to recognise and appreciate our diverse team. We have staff from the African, Caribbean and Asian subcontinents, as well as Europe and the UK, and what better way to celebrate this than to bring in food from our country of origin!

We had chicken biriyani, vegetable pilau rice, samosas, chicken kebabs, naan bread and “gulab jamun” (Indian dough balls in syrup), stuffed vine leaves from Turkey, mini Yorkshire puddings with sausages and gravy, a ploughman’s platter, scones and apple pies from England, creamy spinach with peanut butter, spicy sausages and spicy Jollof rice and plantain from Africa and even Welsh cakes from Wales!

Black History Month is all about celebrating achievements – we certainly proved that with our diverse culinary skills!

This month at Capstone Foster Care we have been celebrating sons and daughters month to celebrate the significant contribution of children of foster carers in the fostering role. Our carers are thankful for the support they receive from sons and daughters who have been there from day one when the fostering journey began. Just like our foster carers, are there for our foster children so are their own birth children. They are unperturbed by the unsettling and unpredictable nature of foster care.

Our foster carers birth children find room in their home and in their hearts, for the children when they arrive and also feel a deep sense of loss, like our foster carers do, when the children move on. It is not always easy for them to share their space, possessions and attention but when asked how they feel about fostering they praise the role their parents play and positively speak about how being part of a fostering family impacts on them and has helped them to understand others better.

Foster children seek reassurance and praise from birth children in the home, birth children are the growing band of people they can trust and count on. Foster children observe how birth children act within the home, responsibilities they hold, how they hold down a responsible job and education. Our foster children ask curious questions about birth children which help them gain essential life skills. Fostering impacts on the whole family and everyone in the household needs to be committed. Sons and daughters are involved in the decision to foster and part of the assessment process. There is always training available for sons and daughters of foster carers as well as their own support groups

We want to take the opportunity to thank all our sons and daughters of foster families for helping and contributing towards being part of the Capstone Family. You are fantastic in what you do!!


Our amazing Capstone family came together to hold a coffee morning on Thursday 26th September to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. All our carers and staff were invited to take part and donate money to a great cause. Macmillan Cancer Support is really close to our hearts in the North as we have unfortunately lost carers to cancer over the last couple of years. We are sending thoughts to the loved ones who came together to donate to this worthwhile charity.

The day was a fantastic chance for everyone to donate and eat lots of cake! Our staff and carers thoroughly enjoyed the day and we’d like to say thank you and well done to everyone for your efforts and homemade cakes! In total we raised over £120 on the day which has been donated to Macmillan.

Thank you to everyone that has donated, we really appreciated every single penny! What a lovely community we have within our fostering service!

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