Carer Testimonials

"They are superb listeners, so level-headed."

LA Social Worker regarding Capstone Foster Care carers.


"The carers are excellent and have done a really great job"

Social Worker from Local Authority.


"J is always there for me and S makes me laugh! I like to spend special time with my carer."

A child in placement.


"I love you and everyone else in the family."

Young child in placement.


"I’d like to say thanks for being the best team I have worked with and you have brought about such positive results for the child in place."

Reviewing Officer regarding the Foster Carers and Capstone Foster Care


"The placement places great emphasis on education within the young peoples lives. The carers actively encourage and support the children, maintaining regular contact with NT&AS and with the schools they attend. The carers seek to continually update themselves on educational progress of the children and emphasise to the children the importance of education in achieving future goals in life."

NT&AS Teacher


"Introduction to adoptive parents went very smoothly—a successful placement with a good ending!"

Foster carer


"I am running out of superlatives to describe these truly exceptional foster carers. They have brought about a transformation in the child, they are a credit to themselves and a real asset to Capstone. It has been a pleasure to work with them and I look forward to working with them in the future."

Social Worker, Salford


"I feel very fortunate in the carer and Support Worker provided by the Agency."

Social Worker, Salford


"Excellent advice, work, thoughtfulness and support to carers. Also insight into children’s needs. Excellent co-working relationships."

Social Worker, Bradford